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5 FREE Face Lock Android Apps to Open Apps With Face Recognition

Mobile phone security now days has become one of the major part for people, while protecting your phone from theft, everybody is concerned about important personal information in phone which is more important than anything sometimes. You might have already used some old conventional Android apps to lock apps by pattern, pin etc. but these face recognition apps are far secure than any other apps.

Free android apps to unlock screen and apps with face recognition

These 5 Free Android face lock apps will help you to unlock screen and apps using face recognition technology. We already have shared AppLock Android app which can lock almost everything with password. Some of the apps in this list uses both voice and face recognition to lock apps.

We have listed apps below on the basis of their downloads and ratings.

1. FaceLock for apps by Wise Orchard: 

FaceLock for apps can unlock apps with face
Downloads: 15,464, Rating: 4.0

Free version of FaceLock can protect your apps with your face, Your face is the key to unlock them. You can use FaceLock to protect your mobile phone against theft, by locking apps (applock), as a gallery lock or to lock whatsapp and facebook so nobody can spy on you.

This free version of app is one of the best app in the play store, it can also lock the protected apps like market, task manager, settings and one app of your choice and PIN access is now also available.

2. IObit Applock by IObit Applock Team:

IObit Applock FingerprintLock can not only unlock with face but also with finger print
Downloads: 10,187, Rating: 4.5
IOBit applock is one of the most loved app in this segment, it has tons of attractive features that is no less than any paid apps can have. It supports maximum of 13 Languages. IOBit applock Face Lock and unlock apps easy and fast without password, 

You can not only lock and unlock apps but also your phone’s screen with your Facelock, Finger Print Lock, PIN and Pattern Lock. It also snap a selfie who tried to unlock your apps with Intruder Selfie and Email the snooper’s photo to you immediately. 
3. Face Lock Screen by Pixel Eyes:
It can lock and lock android apps with PIN and Face
Downloads: 4,015, Rating: 3.6
This Face Lock Screen by Pixel Eyes is good app. Its developer claims that it is based on most reliable advanced technique to protect you. Face lock Screen Free app does not require any technical knowledge. You can do the following:

1. Train your face. Just push on train face button and it will do automatically in later to recognize your face.
2. Set password.
3. Check enable screen lock.

4. AppLock Face/Voice Recognition by Sensory TrulySecure:

AppLock FaceVoice Recognition by Sensory TrulySecure lets you unlock apps and screen with face and voice.
Downloads: 2544, Rating: 4.2
This AppLock Face/Voice Recognition Android app is a new in Google Play Store but has some very interesting features, it has a simple and fast setup.
Whenever you open any Protected/Locked app then AppLock will open a window looking for your face while listening for your voice to say your secret unlock phrase. When it verifies your face or voice (or both), your locked app will open immediately. 
Its best part is that this AppLock is 100% free and 100% ad-free. Install AppLock and keep your apps secure, it takes few seconds to protect privacy and security of your personal information like SMS, email, social media, banking apps and more.
5. AppLock by Face by Vinisoft:
AppLock by Face can lock screen and protect apps from strangers
Downloads: 939, Rating: 3.9
AppLock by Face is a new app in the market place, it is yet simple and free app that won’t force you to buy it in future. This application is free and developed base on OPENCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library).

  • Lock and unlock HOME SCREEN by recognize your face.
  • Lock and unlock all APPLICATIONS (SMS, Facebook, Email, Contact, Call, Setting, Gallery, etc..) by recognize your face.
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