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Flappy Bird Game May Come Back to App Store Says Game Creator

I read the NEWS about Flappy Bird game come back on Rolling Stone, while interviewing with the creator of the game Dong Nguyen, he showed interest on bringing the game Flappy Bird back to store on both iOS and Android platform.

If you missed this amazing game Flappy Bird on iOS or Android then you still can get it, hundreds of people uploaded their game files on uploader and here we are only sharing their links.

Creator says that Flappy Bird Game May Come Back to App Store

Dong Nguyen shared some memories about developing this game with Rolling Stone. Nguyen took the app down in February when he was in stress and saying the game was too addictive. At that time, reports suggested that he was earning $50,000 a day from online ads being displayed on his app.

Nguyen shares some reasons why he decided to pull his game from app store, he said, he was told of people who had lost their jobs, mothers who had stopped speaking with their children, and school children who had smashed their phones, all apparently because of Flappy Bird and its addictive design. He added that it was something I never intended or asked for, and yet had no control over.

Dong Nguyen is a Creator of Flappy Bird game

He said, at first I thought they were just joking, but I realized that they really hurt themselves.” Nguyen pointed out that, as an avid Counter Strike fan whose grades suffered from his over-playing, he knows how games can be as addictive and destructive as any other vice, and that he hated the fact that he was putting people through that. “Please take a break,” a suggestion Nguyen began tweeting to obsessive Flappy Bird players in the waning days of his sparse online presence, will now accompany any future games Nguyen releases in the form of a warning message. 

Now, after spending few months in stress, Nguyen is back to designing games, including a jetpack endless-runner variant called Kitty Jetpack and a chess game called Checkonaut.

Nguyen said, as for an official Flappy Bird rebirth, “I’m considering it. But I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about the game’s rise, the aftermath of its popularity explosion, or the numerous clones it’s still now generating, he says, he is frequently getting offers from interested buyers. “People can clone the app because of its simplicity,” he said, “but they will never make another Flappy Bird.”

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