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25 Most Popular URL Shortener + Earn Money Websites / Services

The question is why do we need URL shortening service? There are many reasons that works differently on person to person, I should admit here that as being a webmaster of this blog I never used it on geekOmad because I don’t like the links which is hidden by URL shorteners service and I personally never click on them, but many people use it to hide the source URL of their affiliate links or to share links on social networking websites like Twitter. Twitter is a place where you are limited to use only 140 characters, if you want to share links in your tweet then you can use one of the free URL shortener services from the below list.

Don’t you want people to know what the URL is because it might give away that it’s an affiliate link?

There are so many URL shortener services till date but I am gonna share most popular website which offers URL shortening as well get paid when somebody click on your links too.

5 Most popular URL Shortening websites with making money option:

1. Shortest:

This website is the most popular one this time which offers shortening your links as well as earning from the links when you share and people click on them. Their minimum payout is only $5, which you can get on your PayPal account every month.

Shote.st URL Shortening and Making Money Website

2. Adfly:

Adf.ly is one of the old and best service when we talk shrinking URL and earning from them, but unfortunately it is banned in India for don’t know why, that’s why I didn’t put it on number one position in our category.

If you are in India then you only have to make some change into the URL, from http:// to https://, from normal URL to secure URL and rest of your link would be same.

Adfly URL Shortening and Making Money Website

3.  Adfocus:

AdFocus is also free short URL redirection service. You can get paid for links you share on the Internet. You can place links on Facebook, your website, forums, YouTube videos etc.

Adfoc.us URL Shortening and Making Money Website

4. Linkbucks:

LinkBucks allows you to make cash from the links you create on this site, from the links you place on your Facebook timeline, website, or from the posts you make in a forum. It is simple and easy to get started making money online.

Linkbucks URL Sharing and Making Money Website

5. URLCash:

URLCash allows you to make money from all links you posted on your Facebook timeline, blogs, forums, websites as well as whenever somebody clicks on your links. They offer daily Payouts which is cool.

URLCash URL Sharing and Making Money Website

20 Most popular URL Shortening websites (URL Shortening only):

1. Google URL Shortener:

This free URL shortener service from Google.

Google URL Shortener

2. Bitly:

Bitly is one of the most popular URL shortener service, many social networking sites use Bitly to shorten their URL’s.

Bitly URL Shortener website

3. Tiny:

Tiny.cc is also a good service, it not only shortens your URL but also gives you QR code for the same URL you shortened with it. You can sign up free here, then you can also have complete statistics of your URLs.

Tiny.cc URL Shortener website, service

4. TinyURL:

TinyURL does the same way, simply enter a URL in the field area, also you can make custom URL of your choice, it will create a tiny URL for you which will not break in email postings and never expires.

TinyURL URL Shortener Website

5. JotURL:

JotURL gives you many options for free, It is free URL shortener and vector QR code generator to create short URL’s and also checks its destination web pages.

JotURL URL Shortener Website

6. Trim:

tr.im URL Shortener Website

7. McAfee – Secure Short URL Service:

McAfee Secure Short URL Service allows you to shortens your URL Securely, it is smiple yet secure way to share short URL.

McAfee - Secure Short URL Service

8. Yep that URL:

Yep that URL- URL Shortener

9. MiniURL:

MiniURL - URL Shortener

10. Bitdo:

Bid.do - URL Shortener

11. MooURL:

MooURL creates a short URL for you. It lasts forever, It can be easily copied to your clipboard, and It’s really cute.

12. SnipURL:

SnipURL is also one of the best service for shortening long URL, it has some very cool features like you can make a title of your short URL that can help you search in future, also Private Key, it is helpful when you share some sites but don’t want others to reveal.

13. GDrives:

GDrives can not only give you a tiny URL but also masks the folder ID, so visitors always see your alias, and it supports deep linking too.

14. YouTube URL Link Shortener:

You can here shortens only your YouTube movie URL and cannot shorten other URLs. The link by this site redirect to YouTube, so you can clarify that shortening URL link is not any affiliate, advertising or illegal link.

15. ityim:

This site has a unique feature, instead of shortening URL you can add voice and audio to any of your shortened URL’s plus you can uploaded images too.

16. Viral:

It is also URL shortening and earning from your URL you share online, Share yours link with friends and the whole world and get paid for it.

17. Shady URL:

Another free URL shortening service.

18. adcrunch:

Adcrunch is another URL shortener plus Advertise, Share & Track Your Links. Also, get paid from sharing your links but with some unique features they offer on their site.

19. ReduceLnk:

It is another URL shortener which pays you for shortening and sharing your URL’s, here you can share, earn and also track your URL’s.

20. Vgd:

It is simple yet powerful URL shortener website.

I hope you like our compilation, I know there many URL shortener websites which offers the same service but we only gone through them and found suitable for our article but still if you think I missed any good URL shortener then please let me know, we’ll add your recommendation if we find it suitable.

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