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Log In Two or Multiple Email Accounts In the Same Website in Firefox

We are having probably two or more email accounts on the website’s like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. And, which is actually not a problem, but log in to two or more email accounts simultaneously within the same web browser is actually a big problem. This problem occurs due to centralized cookie management system, means when you are logged in to for example Hotmail, your only one Hotmail account can be log in to one browser, you won’t be able to log into another Hotmail account.

Multifox firefox extension that allows to connect multiple accounts on same websites Simultaneously
Many people use different browsers like Firefox if they are using Chrome as their primary browser for different email accounts.Therefore, for that problem or reason there is a Firefox extension called Multifox Firefox add-on which enables logging into the same website with multiple email accounts without leavingg your browser sessions for each.

Log in Multiple email Accounts on Same Website with Multifox Firefox addon

Multifox a firefox addon keeps your login cookie information separate in each browser session, as you can see in the above snapshot that clicking on New, it’ll launch a new Multifox session, and a new profiles is created (Profile 2, Profile 3 or more.). Therefore, your login cookie information on Profile 2 will stay separate from the other Profiles on the same website.

Multifox: Edit, Rename or Delete Profiles
Multifox allows you to edit profiles, like rename and delete them. Simple steps to rename a profile; click the Multifox button, on the top right extension area, click Edit menu, and under edit, you can rename or delete profile just by clicking on it.
Its a small extension works nicely and installs without even restarting your firefox browser as others do, must try if you have more than one account on any website and want to access simultaneously.

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