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Galaxy S4 like Air Gesture Control on any Android Device with FREE App

Air Gesture control is one of the most popular feature of Samsung Galaxy S4, but what if you don’t have Galaxy S4 and want to experience that feature on your low end Android smart phones? here is an alternative for your need. There is a free app called Hovering Controls Free on Google play store for your Android device which supports any Android device with minimum Android ver. 2.2 and up.

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Hovering Controls uses the proximity sensor of your device to register simple motions performed in front of your device. Proximity sensor now days available on almost every Android device, Hovering Controls Free actually use your phone’s proximity sensor to perform all air gestures control features on your Android phone.
This app reads your swipes over the phone with the help of proximity sensor and works quite well in many ways on any Android phone, predetermined apps can be launched by either hovering over the sensor, swiping once, or swiping twice, silencing an alarm or ringtone is as simple as a hand wave. You can open up custom apps using a single/double swipe or even browse your Gallery and Browser using swipes. Also, you will be able to answer calls just by holding your phone to your ears. There are many features in free but for more features you’ll have to purchase it.like, there is a paid app also which gives you all promised features.

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And that’s not all, you can lock/unlock your phone, answer calls, slide between photos in your gallery and scroll up/down in your browser!! (browser scroll and gallery slides need a rooted device)

Two modes are available in the app, both offers a different way to opening apps:

  1. Target mode: open a pre-determined app with a set gesture.
  2. Carousel mode: open up apps from a set list of apps.
As you know that this app uses proximity sensor, so use test sensor in menu to test your sensor sensibility and know how you have to wave for it to detect your gestures over your device. 
Music Controls:
  • First activate Music Control in settings to Start Hovering Control.
  • Then open your music/video player and start playing a audio/video song.
  • You can also use other apps while listening music, Hovering Controls will remember which app was playing your audio/video song, if you want to change the player, just open it and start playing a audio/video songs!

Main Features of Hovering Controls:

  • Works on non rooted Android devices as well.
  • Silence alarm.
  • Switch betwen recent apps (like back and forward behavior).
  • Control your music player (next/previous/pause/resume) even on screen off.
  • Shake phone during a call to activate/deactivate speakerphone.
  • Answer incoming call, just put your phone near to your ear (its like Hover Hold).
  • Lock/Unlock screen with hand slides. 
  • Silence incoming call. (in PAID VERSION).
  • Flip Cover Mode. (in PAID VERSION).
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 like QuickGlance. (in PAID VERSION)
  • Features on Rooted Phone only: 
  1. AutoShoot camera to take photo.
  2. Scroll up and down in your browser (1 slide down, 2 slides up. Not all browser are supported).
  3. Slide betwen your photos in your image gallery (1 slide->next, 2 slides<-previous) (in PAID VERSION).
  4. Tilt to slide right left (Beta) (in PAID VERSION).


This is overall a great alternative to have the Galaxy S4 like air gesture feature on your phone and works quite really well, it may perform good or bad depending upon your devices RAM and CPU speed, while testing it on Samsung Galaxy S, it amazed me in first attempt and after using it again and again i became addicted and lazy. So if you need Air Gestures on your cheap Android smartphone, try this one out.

Hovering Controls Free

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