Coping Club: Videos For Kids To Ease Stress & Anxiety In Medical Conditions

Coping Club is a website, which allows kids to watch inspirational videos for free, i'll help kids to cope in medical conditions and release their stress and anxiety quite easily. This website also contains featured stories of kids going through acute illness and how they are coping with it. It shows your kids that how they dealt with their diseases smartly and the efforts they made to survive. The website has been designed by Kosair Children’s Hospital to help ease children’s stress and anxiety. 

There are hundreds of videos of various diseases like cancer, asthma, eating nutrition, divorce, burns, choking etc. Also, by gender and age, and age group between 5 years to 10, 10-15 years and 15+ kids videos according to age group. You can choose a particular disease and watch videos related to it.

Coping Club website

Coping Club website specially designed to help kids in keeping up their spirit and do not loose their hope. You will find almost all videos of kids having some acute illness, talking about how they want to transform their lives and what they want to achieve in life.

The website has a search bar on top right, so if you didn't find your kind of videos for kids then you can search your desired video by searching them there, it is a very simple to use designed for kids. You'll find the videos all around boosting their morale by watching peoples personal experiences.

Categorized videos by age, desease and gender

Reasons to watch videos on Coping Club?

  1. It has inspirational video for kids which boosts their morale.
  2. Videos of family members coping with illness.
  3. Helps your kids to smile even in his difficult medical condition.
  4. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Categorizes videos by topic, age group and gender.
  6. You can share videos with your relatives whose kid you think need to watch.
  7. These videos eventually leaves positive effect their soul and health.
Coping Club Website

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