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How This Video Changed My Perception About Use of Phone

Its very common now days that the people are more busy with their mobile phones over connecting with people in virtual-world instead of their loved one in real-world. I saw it everywhere now days, especially within youth or young generation. It is very common to see people are so busy on their mobile screen as they don’t even notice real things around even walking on the street.
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Social networking sites are mainly popular amongst students. Some of the popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Some of the students have one or all would definitely have a profile in those sites. Students initially start using Facebook for fun but sooner or later they get addicted to it.
Use of Facebook is so popular not only amongst our youth but also within the people claimed to be matured people. These matured people don’t even realized and didn’t make a guideline of proper use. I ask a question today that why we are now so dependent on our phone, computer, internet and technology? Is our life not possible without using of them? These technology and gadgets are important and meant for us to use them, to make life easier, but not to become a part of them. I admit that the technology completely changed our life style, before we were using it to make our work easier but now they are using us.


It’s been seen everywhere that we are loving our phones, laptops, gadgets, cars and bikes more than our family, friends and our loved ones. Now we have removed words from our vocabulary like how are you, is everything ok? do you need anything? how is your studies going? what do you like most? but to update each of our moment on Facebook to let the people like and comment on our post except sharing it with our loved one in real-world.

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All of us are always so busy updating our Social-network that we miss the essence of the moment. I request to you all to find some time for the people who really care for us, try to talk, sit and laugh with them, share your happiness and sadness with them, once you start connecting with the real people except fake people on internet, you’ll find the real satisfaction and happiness that no phone and gadget can give.

After watching this video, you are next time supposed to live the moment without your phone whether you are at a public place or with someone, try to live and enjoy the moment without your gadgets. Do share this awesome video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, and let them also know, how we are changing and why it’s right time to accept our mistake, and connect with everyone in real-life.

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