[Zero Install] Run Heavy Softwares On Windows PC Without Installing

It is actually very irritating when we just have to check the application on our PC, for example we have video on USB thumb drive and want to check what is there in the video which generally inbuilt Windows media player doesn't play because of file extension problem then need a VLC player to watch that video, our PC already has a lot of applications or low hard drive disk space problem and we don't want more applications to install.

Zero Install is the solution for these kind of problems, and the best thing about Zero Install is it defines an XML metadata format to describe these packages and the dependencies between them. A single metadata file can be used on multiple platforms (e.g. Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD and Mac OS X).

run applications without installtion on windows, linux, mac and ubuntu platform

How To Use Zero Install:

1. First download the latest version of the application from official website (Link below). We used v2.3.0 and which is about 4.6 MB in size which is quite smaller to run all applications.

Zero Install link the software directly from the web without installing it on the computer system. You do not have to to download and install the software to use it. Zero Install can run it itself from its application.

2. When you click on Catalog button you can see huge collection of apps available and can run any app without installing it on your OS.

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Zero Install share libraries whenever possible, it can always install multiple versions of a package in parallel when there are conflicting requirements. Installation is always side-effect-free (each package is unpacked to its own directory and will not touch shared directories).

3. You have the freedom to add any application you like to the list of ‘My Applications’ for easy access whenever you open next time.

4. You have a list of apps on Zero Install which you can add any time, zero install identifies all packages from URLs and there is no centralized distribution repository to store the cache. So you only have to add the URL of Zero Install interface and will add it to the library, when you install a different version of any software, it shares library and both files are stored parallel in the library. 
Each downloaded program is stored in its own cache directory within the Zero Install program. You also can set it to check for the updates automatically whenever you run software and receive the latest software versions automatically without any reinstall or restart.

0install is developed by volunteers from around the world. In Zero Install, all data is encrypted locally before transmission using AES-128. Therefore the server remains completely unaware of the actual data being synchronized.

Download Zero Install

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