Windows 8 Like Picture Password Lockscreen On Android Phone & Tablet

Windows 8 launched with many new features, one of them is the Picture Password, where you select your own picture and then draw some points, lines and circles to unlock your Windows 8 PC.

Now you can use the same Picture Password security on your Android phone to make it safe from the people you don't want to see your phones data, Picture Password Lockscreen allows you to unlock your phone by drawing gestures such as points, lines, and circles on your selected picture. It frees users from the traditional and less secure unlock methods like PIN codes or Patterns locks, Picture Password Lockscreen provides an effective layer of protection against the two most common methods of illegal access gaining to a device- brute-force password hacking and shoulder-surfing. 

Windows 8 like Picture Password Lockscreen On Android
Picture Password Lockscreen On Android

See How You Can Use Picture Password Lockscreen On Android:

1. First Install the app on your phone from below link, then go to the Settings > Apps on your mobile, you have to click on Password Protection Lock Screen.

2. Now open the app and go to the Preferences to choose the best lock screen options for you.

Picture Password Lockscreen Preferences Settings
Picture Password Lockscreen Preferences Settings
3. After choosing your settings in Preferences, in the apps menu above go to the Set Image option to browse your image and then go to the Set Gestures to set the lock screen password.

4. In the Set Gestures you can draw a dot, line & circle anywhere on the background image of your phone to make the password hard to guess.

Enable Gestures On Picture Password Lockscreen On Android
Enable Gestures On Picture Password Lockscreen On Android

5. Now whenever your phone is locked, to unlock your phone the user have to draw the same gestures you set in the beginning to unlock your Android phone to use.

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This Picture Password Lockscreen Android App is available free on Google Play Store, we've tested it on our Samsung Galaxy S and it worked nice, this app works on Android ver. 2.2 and up, so if you have older version of android then it will not for you.

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