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Make Android & Windows Phone A Remote Control For Your PC

We are getting lazy day by day with the help of technology, we use tech gadgets in our daily life, for example while watching television we use remote control to change the channel instead of using the buttons on the TV itself, the point is, if we can use remote on television and on many gadgets so why can’t we control our computer with the help of remote control.
We have reviewed  a very nice app which works on Smart Phones, it is Unified Remote app, that lets you control your complete Windows computer from your Android & Windows phone. This app works on WiFi or Bluetooth to remotely control all programs of your computer. With this Unified Remote app you can control almost all applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, Windows Media player, VLC, Chrome browser, Youtube and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer.

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Unified App Android Windows Phone A Remote Control For Your PC
Unified Remote App For Windows & Android Phone

See How To Use This App On Your Phone & PC:

1. First connect your PC and phone on either WiFi or Blietooth (This tutorial may help you connecting on WiFi).
2. Install Unified Remote Server on your Windows PC and double click to open the application and click on Start button.

3. Now install Unified Remote Client App from Google Play or Windows Phone Store.

4. Now Tab on Unified Remote App of your (Android or Windows) phone, go to Servers and click on Add Server Automatic.

Add Server on Phones Unified Remote App
Add Server Unified Remote App

5. Now after searching your Server with Automatic option which is your PC, you’ll see your PC name, tab on it to add your PC as server.

6. Now its time to finally go to the Remotes options to use your phone as Remote Control.

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Unified App Remotes

Here you can choose Remotes as per your need, this app is available for free as well as premium (Full version) in around $ 4.00 or INR Rs. 210.00.

Remotes Available in Free version:

  • Basic Input
  • File Manager
  • Keyboard
  • Media
  • Power
  • Slide Show
  • Spotify
  • Start
  • Task Manager
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC (Keyboard)
  • YouTube

And of course Full version has more Remote Options and more Features:

Remotes in Full Version Only

  • Custom Remotes
  • Boxee (Keyboard)
  • Boxee (Web)
  • BSPlayer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • foobar2000
  • Google Music
  • Hulu Desktop
  • Hulu Web
  • Internet Explorer
  • iTunes
  • J River Media Center
  • Monitor
  • Media Portal
  • MediaMonkey
  • MPC HC
  • Netflix
  • Opera
  • Pandora
  • Picasa
  • PowerPoint Advanced
  • PowerPoint Basic
  • Send Text
  • Spotify Advanced
  • Tellstick
  • Tellstick Live (new!)
  • USB-UIRT Helper
  • Winamp
  • Windows Photo Viewer
  • VLC (Web)
  • XBMC (Keyboard)
  • XBMC (Web)
  • XBMC Media
  • XBMC Advanced (new!)

This Unified Remote App will definitely amaze you with its features, must have app for teenagers or gadgets lovers, we personally use this app while watching movies on our laptop, which is connected to our LED TV, we can very easily pause, fast forward, volume control with this remote control app installed on our Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone and it works fine on it.

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