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How To Extend & Strengthen WiFi Range Or Signals

WiFi Internet has become very popular in home and office network, traditional wired broadband internet is loosing its charm among users where people want to access internet on their Wireless supported laptops, smartphones, tablets and iPods anywhere while roaming in the house or office. But every technology has good and bad points, one problem with wireless that it limits us to stay around the WiFi device.
But we have got here few tips which will allow you to strengthen the range and boost the speed of the Wireless router or Access Point, which will let you stay connected without limited range and speed problems.
Partial Wireless Coverage
Follow the Simple Tips & Techniques:

1. Access Point Or Router Location:

The first thing you should do to think about the placement of your router, but many people never realize that where to put it, mostly users put their router where internet connection comes or where your phone is located, But its important to know the location where you put the router, yes it makes a difference, center location of the router is the best option if possible and the height like on the shelf or in the open space where no physical interferences possible.
Good and Bad Router Placement

2. Work On Signal Interferences:

We have so may electronic devices like TVs, Bluetooth devices, phones, microwaves, wireless video game controllers and even fluorescent lights, those causes the problem of week signals because all of them emits Electromagnetic signals, so try to put your router or AP away from anything might interfere.

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3. Check the Wireless Router Channel:

Yes Wireless routers have channels, One cause of a weak signal is several wireless routers within an area like apartment that work on the same channel as yours, it commonly possible if your neighbors also have Wireless internet, so try to change the default channel of your Wireless router as all others are using the default to make yourself separate within your area, this the main cause of the weak wireless signals, read your device manual to change the router channels.

4. Range Extension Options:

If above changes, router location or surrounding objects and changing the channel don’t extend the wireless range, then invest in range extensions like you can use repeaters or Access point with Wireless router to connect with each other to amplify and extent the range in the house or office, secondly check your wireless device standard, upgrade your older b (Max 11 mbps) or g (Max 54 mbps) router to n series router to boost speed from minimum 150 Mbps to the maximum speed n router¬† available.
This N series router works with older b/g with backward compatibility but gives the higher speed for your latest laptops and gadgets who supports n wireless transmissions. Learn how you can Protect Wireless Network from Trespassers.

Do give your feedback about these tips and techniques, if we missed to mention any tip which you think should be there you still can tell us and we will ad it in this post.

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