How To Boot Wondows 8 Faster With Fast Startup

Microsoft has introduced a new feature to boot your computer fast. This feature is called a Fast Startup. In Windows 7, during shutdown, the OS closes the user session and the kernel session. But in Windows 8, the kernel session is not closed, it is hibernated. Unlike the full hibernate data, whose file size is very large, this “kernel only” or 0 Hibernation data file is much smaller. As a result, it takes much less time to write it to disk and to boot Windows 8. 

This Fast Startup option is enabled by default in Windows 8. You can click on the Power icon in your notification area and select More Power Options. After clicking on power option a new power options windows will appear:

Choose What the Power Button Do
On left upper side you will see the option: Choose what the power buttons do. Click on it.

Turn on Fast Startup (recommended)
Here, you'll have to click Turn on fast startup (recommended) and make sure it is checked.

Do remember one thing that the Fast startup settings comes into effect only when you are shutting down the Windows 8 PC not when you are restarting it.

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