Best 5 Free Microsoft Office Alternatives [MS Office]

Microsoft Office dominates the world of office applications in terms of performance and popularity with its powerful and easy-to-use features. However, several alternatives exist that are not only less expensive but require less processing power.

We've collected top five of the most compelling alternatives for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Where all of them are free and may cost you some for more features and options but far cheaper for than MS Office.

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MS Office Word, Excel And Power Point Alternatives:


This is a free to use software and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux based machines. It includes spreadsheet, document and presentation software (full link in Resources). Lotus Symphony is based on OpenOffice, its user interface has a very different feel.

Standards supported:

  • Microsoft Office 97 - 2003
  • Open Document Format (ODF) 1.2
  • PDF (Export)
  • Office Open XML (Import)
IBM Lotus Symphony Office Alternative
This is also free software, OpenOffice is an open source software whose code is available to anyone free of charge. It also runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Apache Open Office
This free application runs on Windows-based, Mac and Linux computers. Its creation is a result to the split between OpenOffice and Oracle. It includes a spreadsheet, document, drawing, presentation and database application. The software includes Writer, its word processor; Calc, a spreadsheet module; Impress, for presentations; Draw, for sketching and diagrams; Base, a database front end; and Math, a simple equation editor.

An open-source LibreOffice software has a support of a large worldwide community, including a raft of developers who can be tapped for custom solutions.

Main Features: Available in more than 30 languages, its Portable version designed for USB, removable, and cloud drives

Formerly known as Google Docs, this free app is cloud-based office software. The free service allows users to import existing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, or create new ones from scratch. From there, they can be accessed, edited, and shared online from any computer in the world.

Multiple people can share documents and make changes at the same time, making this a good platform for group collaboration.

Google Docs

5. Zoho:
Its Free Software for individuals and business use (pricing ranges from free for up to 1GB of storage). Zoho is a cloud-based office software like Google Docs, compared with Google Docs, Zoho's interface is easy and nice, it is delivered via the user's Web browser. Zoho offers more than 20 different applications like word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, note-taking and organizer tools, support multiple office formats including Microsoft Office, Office Open XML, and Open Document Format. And it also available in multiple languages.

Zoho Office Suite
That's all from alternative to MS Office, hope you like it, tell us which alternative you like and if we miss to mention any then recommend us in comment.

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  1. I'm using LibreOffice on my Ubuntu PC at work and it works just fine you know... You can read all regular document files, save your documents in .doc, docx formats etc.


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