Backup And Restore Android Call Logs [Dialed, Received & Missed]

Android is the future of mobile phone operating system, especially in economy class, it has now the maximum number of apps available in its Google Play market place, iPhone is a close competitor in the segment but still there is a big gap in the 1st & 2nd position, Android has millions of apps available and maximum of them are free.

As we have shared before the full Android Backup, where you can backup mobile Contacts, Settings, SMS & Apps, now we have come up with another backup app, which helps you to backup complete call logs (Dialed entries, Received and Missed entries. Its such a good app for those who changes their Android phone every month but worried about their call entries.

This is an easy to use and good utility for backing up your call log. That way in case your phone is damaged, lost, stolen, or even if you change phones you have a copy of your call history. This is a very small app available in the Google Play Market that backups and restore your call logs on another phone or restore to you same phone after a full reset process, As you know Android, by default, logs phone's last 500 calls that you made.

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How to Backup & Restore Android Phone Call Logs:

Call Logs Backup & Restore is a free app that allows you to do what it was born to do. It creates a backup of your Dialed, Received and Missed call logs and you can restore them back on the same phone or on a new phone with the help of the same app.

Call Logs Backup & Restore

In the Backup, you can set the backup folder location in SD card, we would recommend you to make a folder with name Backup Call Logs, which will be easily located at the time of restoration.

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Call Logs Backup & Restore Folder Location
We have tested this app on our Samsung Galaxy S3, in which it works perfectly, there is only one thing which we think should be there, a cloud support, still the app is must have for Android phones.

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  1. Why not get an app that backs up everything not just call logs, I'm currently using g cloud it is pretty good

    1. Yes you are right, but you know Gordon, everybody has different requirements, this is for those who only need call logs backup and restore, we already posted about G Cloud here How To Backup Full Android Phone Data On Cloud For Free


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