Set Windows 8 Stop Asking Password Everytime

While working on Windows 8, it asks for user name and password only when it needs to know who’s using the computer. And there are probably four reasons:

  • The computer is part of a network, and the identity determines what goodies it can access.
  • The computer’s owner wants to limit what he can do on the computer.
  • User share your computer with other people and want to keep others from signing in with your name and changing your files and settings.
  • You own a Microsoft account, which is required for some Start screen apps.

    If these things don’t apply to you, change the password by selecting the Change Your Password button "clicking the Users category". Next leave the New Password box blank and click Next.

    Note: Without that password, anybody can log in, open your user account, and view or remove your files. If you’re using in an office setting, then don't set the the password blank. If you’ve been assigned a password, it’s better to simply get used to it.

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