How to Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc Computer-to-Computer Networking

We have a wireless enabled laptop and someday need to share files with each other between laptops and we do not have a network cable available, then nothing to worry about, you can create a ad hoc network using laptops WiFi. You can then transfer any kind of files between ad hoc network. Today i'll share how it works and how it can be configured in Windows 7, here is a complete tutorial.

Note: First check that your wireless is turned on on both laptops before going further. 

Set Up Ad Hoc Network:

1. Go to the Control Panel and Open Network and Sharing Center.

Set Up a new connection
2. Now click Set up a New Connection or Network.
(A new dialog box will appear)

Set Up Wireless Ad Hoc
3. Then Scroll down to the bottom and select Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network, and click Next.
(The Set Up an Ad Hoc Network dialog box appears).

Set Up Ad Hoc Network
4. Click Next.
(The Set Up an Ad Hoc Network dialog box now prompts you to enter a network name, security type, and security key).

Type Network name and key
5. Enter a network name, choose a security type, enter a security key, and then click Next.

Set up is done
Now your ad hoc network is ready to use and created.

Now go to your second laptop, click the network icon from the notification area and you will see the list of available networks, select the ad hoc network which you just created like me MLKnet and click on Connect. You will be asked to type the password. When done, click OK.

This feature is useful when you have to connect your laptop with your friends laptop to quickly share files. But you can also use this type of network connection to share the internet connection on one of the computers.

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  1. can i detect an intruder in adhoc network using ns2

    1. Hi Subramanian, As far as i know Yes you can...


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