What is the Sign of Facebook Addiction?

Do you spend hours reading your news feed and repeatedly re-updating your status? Have you created FB accounts for your pet or account with fake name? If you do, have an addiction to Facebook.

are you addicted to facebook
Facebook Addiction
If you're wondering at what point fixation with social networking explodes into full-blown Facebook addiction, here are seven warning signs that someone may be addicted to Facebook.

1. Spending Excessive Time on Facebook:

Spend more than two hours in a row or three hours daily instead of having important work postpone the virtual abyss known as Facebook.

2. Status Update Anxiety:

Do you feel anxious, nervous or guilty if you don't update your Facebook status at least three or four times a day.

3. Bathroom Updates:

Do you take your phone into the bathroom so you can update your status there as well.

4. Compulsive Profile Dressing: 
You should be doing your homework, or working up that document because your boss wants tomorrow, or playing with your children, but instead you compulsively sign into Facebook so you can change your profile picture number of time this week.

5. Your Pets Joined Facebook:

Did you create Facebook accounts for your dog or your cat, or for both?

6. Facebook Sluggish:

Do you miss work deadlines or are late for business meetings because you get lost in the virtual vortex of Facebook.

7. Friend's Obsession:

Do you have more than 500 Facebook friends, yet still you fret over whether you have enough. (And you've never actually met nearly half of those "friends.")

Facebook Addiction, Want Fixation or What To Do?

If three or more of the signs listed above describe your interest with the social network, you maybe going away too much of your real life on your virtual one.

If you decide you want to beat your addiction to Facebook, you could deactivate your Facebook account or delete your Facebook. Those are two easy fixes.

But other options may be better. Explore a few alternate strategies that can help you Control Facebook addiction first. 

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