How to Protect your Yahoo Mail account with SSL

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular Mail Server on internet, as you have Yahoo Mail account you have probably noticed that the account login is using SSL but that the mail interface itself after logging in is not. You can verify that by checking the address bar of your web browser when you open the Yahoo Mail sign in page which should begin with https:// and not http://.

As we know SSL is beneficial for the security of the connection as it encrypts the data so that attackers can’t record the data flow anymore to spy on your data.

When you are signed in to Yahoo! Mail you will notice that the connection switches to http instead. That’s actually bad from a security point of view, especially if you are connecting to Yahoo! Mail from public networks or wireless networks such as your airport, a coffee shop or in the mall.

When you sign in to Yahoo! Mail via a non-secure Internet connection such as a wireless network, your Yahoo! account is more vulnerable to hijacking. I can’t really say when Yahoo added SSL as an option to Yahoo! Mail, only that it is now available and that you can turn it on to improve the security of your connection.

How to turn on SSL                                                                   

Follow these simple steps to turn on SSL on Yahoo Mail.

  • First Go to Yahoo Mail and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the settings icon at the top right of the screen and select Mail Options from the menu.
  • Make sure you are in the General options menu, it should be the default page.
  • Look under Advanced Settings for Turn on SSL.

  • Check the Turn on SSL box.
  • A notification pops up telling you that Yahoo! Mail needs to refresh once you hit on the save button. Refresh means that you will be signed out automatically and need to sign in again.
  • Click on OK and then on Save at the top of the screen.
  • Sign in again to Yahoo Mail.
You should now see a lock now in front and https in front of the web address.

Now you should not encounter any issues after switching to https. If you do, you can turn off SSL the very same way again. Check out this Yahoo! Help page for additional information about enabling or disabling SSL.

Thanks & Blessing be on you all!

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