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How to Control Facebook Addiction?

Do these Facebook addiction symptoms describe you?
There are so many ways to get over Facebook addiction but here are just five ways you can do to get over yourself in your social life.
I want to admit here that i am not addicted to any of the social networking sites today, i have already got over Facebook addiction but still i can assume the dilemma.
Before doing anything, of course, you’ll need self awareness. As with most addictions, acknowledging and becoming fully aware of the nature of your problem is a pre-requisite to solving it.
So if you feel and realize you may be frittering away your life on the world’s largest social network, try taking these steps:
1. Keep a Facebook time Alarm:
You can set a virtual alarm clock on your smart phone or on computer every time you click over to look at Facebook. When you stop, check the alarm clock and write down the amount of time you wasted or spent on Facebook. Set a weekly limit (six hours would be plenty) and put self-punishment whenever you go over.
2. Can Try Facebook block software:You can download and install one of the many software programs that let you block Facebook and other Internet time wasters from being accessible on your computer.

Self Control, for example, ColdTurkey and Facebook Limiter. Most of these programs make it easy to unblock Facebook.

3. Ask for help from friends:

Tell your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend to set a new password for your Facebook account and promise to hide it for at least a week or two. That’s a cheap, easy way to block Facebook. Then to unblock Facebook, go into your a very formal talking mode.

4. Deactivate Facebook:

If you still think none of the above is helping, then sign into Facebook and temporarily suspend or deactivate your Facebook account. You can go to your Facebook Account Settings page and click the last option “Delete Facebook account”to suspend your account until you’re ready to rejoin. This requires enormous self-control, since all you have to do to reactivate your Facebook is sign back in.

5. Delete Facebook:

If above all fails, permanently quit Facebook. You can do this by choosing the hidden delete Facebook option that the network offers but makes hard to find. Just be sure you can live without feeding your addiction to Facebook, because after 14 days, this option wipes out all your profile data, photos and friends list.

Some may think deleting your Facebook account as the equivalent of social suicide, but that’s a little melodramatic. Deleting your Facebook may actually be a way for some people to bring themselves back to “real life” from virtual one.

Are You Sure You Want To Delete Your Facebook Account?
  1. Go to Delete Facebook Account Page
  2. Click “Submit”. Follow the instructions.
  3. Facebook assumes that you will be able to change your mind for 2 weeks by just logging back into Facebook.
  4. If you don’t log back in after 2 weeks your account and all it’s information will be deleted. Everything will be gone.

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