How To Remove Blogger Attribution Gadget?

Making blog is not a difficult task, but making it effective and user freindly is not so much. Follow these steps for removing blogger attribution gadget:

  •     Log in to Blogger.
  •     Go to "Design" tab from the top tab bar under your blog's name.
  •     Go to "Template Designer" and choose the "Advanced" tab from the upper left.
  •     Scroll to the bottom of the list of options and select "Add CSS"
  •     In "Add custom CSS" type this 

    #Attribution1 {display: none;}

  •     Click "Apply to blog".
  •     That's all, check your blog now.

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      1. it works, thanks
        but some reasons, i add this to make it really disappear

        footer {display:none}

      2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      3. It working properly.
        Thanks Nice way to remove the attribution gadget.

      4. Yay! Tried many other ways and none worked till this one!

        Thanks :)

      5. Thanks man! I had got tired searching for this and in the end it was so easily done by you... :) Thank you... :)

      6. This is not accurate. You can actually remove the widget from the template entirely.


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