How To Make an Autorun CD/DVD

The basic configuration of the autorun.inf states the program that is to be run when the CD or DVD is inserted in the drive and the icon that is to be displayed when the disk is viewed by Windows Explorer or other directory listing application. The text-only file, which resides in the root directory of the CD, should something look like this:

Do you want to run your program on CD/DVD automatically when you insert it? Here's a way for making an Autorun CD/DVD:-

Open Notepad

    OPEN=install\name.exe (name.exe is the name of your setup file).

Save it as autorun.inf


Sometimes the program we want to run will not be located in the root directory of the CD. If that is the case you must include the path in autorun.inf:


Sometimes you may also need to pass an argument to the program to be auto played:

open=myprogram.exe /argument

That's all.

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