Bypass Software Trial Period Manually in Windows

Today I am going to show you how you can bypass software trial period manually and use that again and again for no limitation of time.

Follow the below Steps:

1. First you have to uninstall that application whose trial period is over and you wanna use it again.

2. Now open the “Regedit” you can open it by going to Start > Run > Regedit.

3. Navigate to HK Local Machine > Software > Your Software name.

4. Now simply Delete the Key.

5. You have to do this for HK Current user if key is there too.

6. Now go to Run and Type “%temp%”.

7. Delete all files in temporary folder, these are all the files created by software temporary installation and de-installation.

8. Go to C:// Users > Username > App-data ( Check all 3 directories “Local”, “LocalLow”, “Roaming” for your software entry there might be a folder for your software, if you find one Delete that, check that these folders could be hidden.

9. Now every main step is done you can restart your computer and then Reinstall application.

That’s it now you will get your software’s trial period back, well yes steps are long but it’s the manual way you can bypass the trial period of your software and you can perform this everytime your software expires.

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  1. does it work for 1year k7 anti virus

  2. Chiranjeevi:-you can use it for as log as u want

  3. how to Go to C:// Users > Username > App-data ?
    In Username folder there is no App-data named folder. how to open App-data , Roaming etc. folder?

    1. may be your folder is my computer>Organize>Folder and search option>view>click hidden Folder, file & Drives>ok
      now u can see the app-data file....


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