How to Submit or Index more than 26 URLs in Google Webmaster Tools

Index more than 26 URL in google webmaster tools
Google provides a way to Submit websites and blogs using their Webmaster tool. All it needs is a sitemap. Blogger uses its feeds as sitemap for indexing. You may notice that for blogs that have more than 26  pages, Google Webmaster can only grab the Latest 26 URLs for indexing. I suffered a lot to get indexed for my all URLs to GWT, here i'll share something very unique with you...

Multiple Sitemap Generation For Blogger:

We will break the entire blog posts into small segments comprising of 100 posts each. Its better to submit 100 posts per sitemap for better indexing. To generate sitemaps for your blog follow these steps:

Once your blog is verified you can  add  sitemaps for your blog {From the Left Pane > Site Configuration > Sitemap}.In the Sitemap url give the following url as shown below and click the Submit Sitemap button.

  • If you have more than 100 posts on your blog, then add an additional sitemap url


  • If your blog has more than 200 posts, then add one more sitemap url


  • If it has more than 300 posts, then add one more sitemap


Continue this process depending upon the number of posts on your blog. So this means that you will be adding additional sitemaps for every 100 posts.

Once you have added the Sitemap, you can play around with the different other tools in GWT. It will provide you with a better analysis your site, show you the sites linking to you, help you in managing your site links and much more.

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